The new Google Nest Hub can track sleep with Soli’s radar – picture and sound – news

Google announced its second generation Nest Hub. The new version has Soli radar built in to control gestures and track sleep. This will eventually work with the subscription.

to Google Nest Hub revamped Very similar to its predecessor, which originally appeared as Home Hub. Once again it is the hub of the smart home with an integrated 7-inch touchscreen, with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The new model has a larger woofer, which measures 43.5mm in diameter, so lower tones should sound better.

Additionally, the new Nest Hub will receive a third microphone and machine learning chip. It should make the device more responsive to voice commands. According to the specifications, there is a quad-core soc with Arm cores at 1.9GHz on the Nest Hub. More details about the soc are unknown.

According to The Verge The updated Nest Hub has an on-board Thread radio to communicate with other smart home devices that support Thread. Initially this hasn’t been activated yet, but theme support will be enabled later.

Soli-radar en sleep sensor

Like its predecessor, the new Nest Hub doesn’t have a built-in camera, but Soli’s radar does allow the device to detect movements. This is used for gesture control and for the new Sleep Sensing feature. When users place the Nest Hub next to their bed, the device can track sleep statistics.

According to Google, the Nest Hub can also detect small movements like breathing patterns. There is an option to configure the device to only follow the movements of one side of the double bed. Right now, the Nest Hub doesn’t separate sleep patterns, which is something our body’s own sleep trackers do.

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Google Books that the sleep sensor Needs a subscription, but it’s now a free preview until next year. The technology should be part of Fitbit and Fitbit Premium, but the details are not yet known. So it’s unclear what the cost of the Sleep Sensing subscription will be.

Google has been on Soli’s radar for years. The technology was enough In Pixel 4 and 4 XL And there is one Nest thermostat with Soli. The radar is not in the Pixel 5, but Google indicated at the end of last year that it is present It will be repeated in other products.

It is not yet known if and when the Nest Hub will appear in the Netherlands and Belgium. Google announced the device in the US and will release it there on March 30th, at a suggested retail price of $ 100.

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