Culture Nerd #72 About Surrealism In Film (Feat Firas Fawaz)

Culture Nerd #72 About Surrealism In Film (Feat Firas Fawaz)

On a Sunday morning, even during this sweltering week, it’s time to get your regular share of nerd news. culture nerd. You will hear and see everything that happened in the world of movies in the past week in podcast and/or video form.

It’s a special episode because the veteran of Gamekings and the head of cinema Surprise He takes a seat to talk about a style that has had a huge impact on his work; surrealism. What it is, what it likes about it, and where we can find it. Good stuff for everyone who always asks for more artwork, and less from Marvel, because there are some unknown gems going through!

But there is more. Today, despite the unfriendly Nerd weather, Jelle and Koos have plenty of news in store for you. what about new trailer Season 6 of Rick & Morty and we’ve learned about a possible future for Breaking Bad. We also visited the European premiere of House of the Dragon. In short, the news is enough. So grab your soft drink, take the sweaty croissant out of the bag and lay back relaxed on the sofa. This way you can enjoy Nerd Culture #72 to the fullest.

Will we see more Breaking Bad seasons?

Hot or cold, obsessive news keeps coming to us. And that’s how Gilly and Cos were able to put their teeth into it. How did they see James Cameron’s vision for Spider-Man? Giancarlo Esposito is in talks with Marvel Studios and is targeting Professor X. Do they think this is a good idea? Is he suitable for this role? Rosario Dawson leaked the return of Jon Berthal’s The Punisher last week. And Vince Gilligan appears to be closing the door to more Breaking Bad spinoffs. The latter will certainly disappoint us, but is it a wise choice?

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This is by no means all three gentlemen should report on this podcast. Disney+ is getting more expensive and getting new subscription options. How do the three view this development and is the subscription worth the money? You’ll see this and more in issue 72 of Nerd Culture. But we will conclude with this special topic;

Surrealism in the movie

You will see dozens of films of every caliber, shapes, and sizes. And Veras Koos and Jelle explain what surrealism can mean and why it is so fascinating. The two are taken on a journey through film history, but from a specific and interesting perspective.

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