Column 38: “When he was not allowed to come to my house, I suddenly had to pay the bill” |  Columns and view

Column 38: “When he was not allowed to come to my house, I suddenly had to pay the bill” | Columns and view

Festival season has been open again for a few weeks, so on Sunday I had my first gig. The coat is ready, because it was raining. However, the fact that the festival completely fell into the water didn’t spoil the fun. My girls and I had the most fun, on top of that I had a bite. Sparks flew with the handsome boy: Kai. We chatted, danced and ended up laughing in the pouring rain. Soaked to the bone, but we haven’t gone home yet. It certainly wasn’t… it turned out later. Kai and I exchanged numbers and that very week we decided to see each other.

From an Italian snack to a Dutch treat

That was Wednesday evening. Around 7:00 p.m., Kai and I were having pasta at Spaghetteria. He made a reservation. “I don’t really go out to dinner with anyone,” he said, unaware that this is exactly the first approach for me. Because: If it doesn’t work, I want to be able to pull Houdini off at any moment. However, Kai had a different motive. He didn’t want to invest that much right away, before he really knew if someone was worth the effort (and therefore the money in particular). He said it less frankly, but the meaning was clear. I had had notorious miser hanging. One is looking for a cheap place to sleep. Complimentary overnight stay for a snack; Talk about investing. Find a home without a budget.

Dating a homeless person

Yet we were sitting there in Vongol Pasta† We ate and drank white wine and had serious conversations right away, but it lacked the sweet festive vibes of just a few days ago. He casually mentioned how he ended their relationship a month ago and left his home and his former home. He was eagerly searching for a place of his own and in the meantime he was wandering from one place to sleep. a relationship that recently broke up with nowhere to live; I thought it wasn’t exactly an ideal starting point for hard linking, but I gave Kay the benefit of the doubt.

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Do you want to move into my house and my bed?

When the bill came I went to the toilet. It’s cheap gimmicks, and then I do the same (a few years into the dating scene and you start seeing it as a social experiment). Back at the table, Kai had already paid well, but he also immediately asked a question. “So, Marty, shall I go home with you tonight?” I choked on my last sip of wine. What was this guy thinking! One bowl of pasta as the key to my house and my bed? Or maybe he was the only one sleeping and was either in my bed or under the bridge? Well, he can forget about that bridge; Fortunately I managed to sell it to the company No.

He had the courage

You guessed it: The party is over instantly. We put on our coats in silence and walked to our bikes. I was about to leave when Kai suddenly approached. Act a little nervous. Does he still want to kiss me? take my hand. Seriously, now I’ve come up with a romantic move, I thought. But, the plot twist: “It’s okay if I send you a Tikkie, because I don’t know you well yet.” I would like to pay!

Sleep well

Well Well† So you know me well enough to sleep with me, but not good enough to pay for a plate of spaghetti? Totally ticked this off. Sure, you send me a Tikkie. And I’m glad you made it through without any hitches. Bye Kay!

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