Chrome gets a fix for a dangerous vulnerability that is being actively exploited – Computer – News

It is possible to integrate a crypto wallet into your browser through extensions, and the site makes it possible, and claims that it can be done securely and can be done as long as there is no vulnerability. Then someone calls somewhere in the forum you’re requesting. How will that help solve?

Well, don’t do it this way next time. : sI don’t necessarily want to say that users affected by it did something wrong – so you really have to look at specific cases and all the details in those cases.

Turning off “victim blaming” is fully justified, but the point is that “blame” has completely nothing to do with crimes on the Internet, more than “blame” a tree in the woods that explodes during a storm. car fall off. There is usually no guilt, it is no one’s fault. It just happens and you just have to use it wisely to reduce the chances of it happening to you (so don’t park your car in the woods during a storm, same with all internet best practices). The fact that there is a criminal behind it rather than a force of nature often leads to a reaction that the victim is not to blame “because the criminal should have acted”. But as long as most of the abuses come from China / Russia / … unidentified, these criminals will be there and there is nothing we can do about it, more than face a storm. You have to deal with it and if you don’t you will suffer the consequences or guilt or not.

How will that help solve?

If you lose your crypto wallet due to a leak, the only solution is to better secure the wallet. Whether Google or the wallet owner should do it, there is certainly There is no solution when dealing with a criminal. Of course we should continue to do this, but the vast majority are not in the Netherlands.

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In the crypto wallet your own money, without any control from third parties who can secure, check or reverse anything in it. A “browser extension says it’s secure” is nice, but with this setting it’s best to go online banking.

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