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Chiropractic from Tilburg provides better athletic performance with chiropractic

2 July 2021

Being a top athlete is more difficult than ever. The competition is great, the differences are small. A slight improvement in performance can mean the difference between gold and silver. That’s why more and more athletes are choosing chiropractic to train more effectively, reduce injury risks and reduce recovery time.

Sports chiropractor Emeric Largent of Chiropractic explains: “In countries like America, chiropractic treatment is already the standard for top athletes. At least 90% of athletes visit a chiropractor there regularly. Chiropractic treatment among top athletes is taking Also on the rise in the Netherlands.Sports teams like cycling team Jumbo-Visma have a chiropractor as standard.In the world of tennis too, a chiropractor is the most natural thing in the world Roger Federer takes his chiropractor to his courses.I myself The official hand therapist for the U18 Women’s National Ice Hockey Team.

Not just for the best sport

“In addition to the top athletes, we also guide people who want to exercise, but their bodies aren’t geared for that yet. There is also a group known as ‘weekend warriors’, these are people who do little or no exercise at all. During the week but suddenly start exercising very fanatically on the weekend.They often get complaints after that.If you want to get expert guidance while exercising,you can also contact us for that.With proper treatment, We can make sure the body is moving and working better again, so that the body can handle intense sports activities. We also give advice on sports that are right for someone or not. This is different for everyone. We also give exercises to do at home,” he says. Emrick.

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Schedule an examination

Are you curious about what chiropractic can do for you? Feel free to make an appointment. My advice: don’t wait. You only have one body and you have to be careful with it. Not sure if chiropractic is right for you? Then feel free to contact us. We can schedule a free, no-obligation examination to determine how best we can help you.” More information about chiropractic can be found at Site From Chiropractic Mulder. This practice is also active Facebook social networking site On Instagram With tips and advice.

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