The newest outdoor game YOU.FO

The newest outdoor game YOU.FO

It’s fun, sporty and elegant: YOU.FO is going all over Europe this summer. YOU.FO is an innovative sports and entertainment game, based on throwing and holding an air loop with specially designed sticks. Play freestyle in pairs or in teams of three or four players. You score by throwing the ring into the opponent’s plane. The Brookline distributor now provides YOU.FO to retailers across Europe and the UK.

YOU.FO REQUIRES INSPIRATION IN GAME AND FLEXIBILITY. You pick up the ring with the stick and throw it to one of your teammates, without walking the ring on the stick. This formal sport is contactless and can be played anywhere, from the park to the beach and from the schoolyard to the gym. The makers of YOU.FO dream of offering a world-class sports and entertainment game that brings people fun, brings them together and makes them move.

boy’s dream

YOU.FO was created in 2011 by Dutchman Bas Roisinars, who was inspired by sports like soccer, Jay Alai (the fastest ball game in the world) and Frisbee as a teenager. Bass has always created his own sports using materials in and around the home. YOU.FO’s idea came about by combining the rubber ring of his dog with a large wooden stick as a firing sword. Among other things, the game won the “European Innovation Award” and reached the final stage at the ISPO Brand New, the world’s largest sports trade fair.

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