Reizen naar de VS met ESTA mogelijk?

Can I travel to the US with ESTA?

Is it possible to travel to the United States with ESTA again after the elections?

The United States has a new president, and it looks like he will review his precedent. Is it possible to travel to the US again with ESTA?

Recent elections

There is a new president in the United States. In the latest election, Democrat Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump. This success has already had a profound impact on the US government’s domestic and foreign decision-making. One thing many people look forward to is the opportunity to travel back to the United States in the future. As the ESTA system is still functioning, all the President needs to do is give the green light.

What is the current status again?

Even before the global outbreak of the corona virus, the Trump administration had made it clear that it would not hesitate to impose travel bans on certain countries. Already got one in many Muslim countries, travelers from these countries were denied entry to the United States.

Following the outbreak, the travel ban was soon extended to Schengen, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Contrary to popular belief, the current U.S. travel ban does not bar people based on their nationality. Instead, each traveler is based on where they were 14 days before their trip to the US. For example, if you were in the UK a week before you wanted to go to the United States, you would be barred from entering. However, this does not automatically mean that the 14-day waiting period will automatically grant access to the United States. As the country struggles to control the corona virus, the chances of it entering the United States are slim.

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What will change with the new government?

The Biden government has already made it clear that the travel ban will remain in effect. They see no reason to cancel it, especially now that more corona mutations are appearing around the world. In addition, the country is still struggling to bring the virus under control. However, this may change soon. President Joe Biden wants to launch a large-scale vaccination campaign where he wants to vaccinate 100 million citizens in the first 100 days of his presidency. The first reports of similar campaigns in other countries suggest that vaccines may be effective. If this also changes in the US, it could lead to a relaxation or the lifting of the European travel ban.

Travel to the United States: ESTA Permit

While the current US government travel ban prevents most tourists and business travelers from entering the country, the ESTA system of homeland security is still in place. It There is It is the primary travel authorization used by European travelers to enter the United States. This is cheaper and easier to apply than a standard US visa, and since most European citizens are eligible for this, it is not surprising that it is a very popular option. At this point, travelers can theoretically apply for an ESTA, until they meet Conditions set by Homeland Security. However, just because an ESTA is approved does not mean you can go to the United States right now. The government travel ban also applies to passengers with a valid ESTA. However, the advantage of an ESTA is that it is valid for two years, which means you can already apply for a trip later this year or even next year.

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