Spain provides 75 million doses of the vaccine to countries in Latin America

Spain provides 75 million doses of the vaccine to countries in Latin America

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The Prime Minister made the announcement while attending the 27th Euro-US Summit in Andorra. Spain donates vaccines under the COVAX program initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan-American Health Organization (OPS). COVAX must ensure an equitable distribution of covid vaccines available between rich and poor countries.

Patent revocation of Govt vaccines

Prime Minister Sanchez also expressed the willingness of the Spanish government to contribute to the debate on the abolition of patents on Govt vaccines within the European Union and the World Trade Organization (WTO). According to the Prime Minister, intellectual property rights should not take precedence over the social progress of the vaccination process.

Fair distribution

After the last Inter-Regional Council, Health Minister Carolina Darias stressed Spain’s commitment to the situation in Latin America. He also cited the debate over the abolition of the vaccine patent, which, in his opinion, could make the fight against Govt-19 even more justified.

The Spanish government feels deeply involved with Latin American countries in the fight against the corona epidemic. These vaccines should be equally accessible to all countries around the world, ”said Prime Minister Sanchez. The prime minister’s statement came after several government leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of rich countries in purchasing vaccines. However, according to Minister Darius, Spain was one of the first countries to announce that Kovacs had been vaccinated earlier this year.

According to King Felipe VI of Spain, who attended the conference, the Prime Minister’s recovery from the economic and social crisis must be ‘sustainable and inclusive’ for all nations, especially the younger generation.

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