Are the Americans coming to rescue us?  Gas is drilling hard in Texas -

Are the Americans coming to rescue us? Gas is drilling hard in Texas –

Europe is far from confident of surviving the winter without Russian gas. Fortunately, America is stepping in. The US is working hard to increase gas production. With destination Europe. But it is not easy.

There was RTL news In Madisonville, Texas, pipelines go deep into the ground to find new natural gas. The Americans would liquefy the gas and send it to Rotterdam.

A 3 km deep gas field is being revived. As fossil fuels become more expensive, gas from Texas is becoming profitable again. Gas field owner George Gammon tells Eric Mouton: “Oil used to be 50 dollars a barrel, now it’s twice that. That makes a big difference.” So again we have to make money from gas. “A lot of money,” said Cayman.

But it is not that simple. America has a huge shortage of materials and people, explains Henk Jelsma, responsible for drilling technology in Texas. Commodities have increased by 60 percent compared to pre-pandemic times. And finding people is also difficult. “Most of them are used to staying at home because of the pandemic. They don’t want to go anywhere,” says Jelsma.

There are other problems as well. Over the years, oil and gas production in the United States has been reduced. Restarting things now isn’t that fast. Gas liquefaction capacity at ports is very low.

But Biden has promised to help Europe, so all steps are being taken to keep that promise.

proof’s): RTL news

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