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Deviation Games, a studio founded and led by two Call of Duty veterans, is working on an all-new PlayStation game on behalf of Sony. Substantial details about the game have not been announced.

drift games Founded by Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. The former was a director, producer, and writer for several Call of Duty games. He worked on the first Call of Duty in 2004, Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2010, and Black Ops II in 2012. Blundell started as producer of Call of Duty 3, the game that came out in 2006. It was later game manager From Treyarch, the studio behind Black Ops games.

New studio underway According to PlayStation Studios CEO, Hermen Hulst Working on a new AAA title “Pioneer”. The founders of Deviation Games say they have assembled a team of 100 developers to work on the game. Objective details about the game are not yet known, but Anthony and Blundell worked exclusively on the shooters and that seems to be where their expertise and passion lie.

Sony recently indicated that PlayStation 5 gets more exclusives From previous PlayStation consoles. The company also said another $152 million miljoen to invest more in game development. Sony also includes investments in studios such as Deviation Games.

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