Ubisoft begins porting Stadia games to its launcher for free

Ubisoft began adding games purchased from Stadia to its Ubisoft accounts with the shutdown of the Stadia service on January 18th. It appears that the transfer will happen automatically for players who have linked their Ubisoft account to Stadia.

Users report it on Reddit, among others And the Twitter. The process will be step by step; Users have reported that some of their games have been released and some are not yet. The process appears to have started on Friday, and it appears that the time of this writing has not ended. Players can watch games appear in the Ubisoft Connect PC launcher.

The Google Announced at the end of September It pulls the plug on the Stadia game streaming service. The money players put into the platform’s hardware and games, they get back from the internet giant. However, Ubisoft is giving away the games on its own platform. However, according to users in the linked Reddit post, saves cannot be migrated per game.

How to deal with closing Stadia varies by publisher and developer. Developer Hitman IO Interactive Offers eg To transfer progress to a platform of your choice, but otherwise, games don’t give away for free. Other studios say it all They don’t have plans.

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