Brought from America: Is bag throwing the hottest new sport in Brabant?

Brought from America: Is bag throwing the hottest new sport in Brabant?

Doesn't this look like a great way to shamelessly throw away your bags? Then Zakkensmijters Walsberg is waiting for you with bated breath. In the village the sport of cornhole, that's what they call it in America, was brought to Brabant. Now they are looking for new members.

Founder Karel Sligers brought the baggage to Walsburg. He became dedicated to the sport when he encountered it in Bellingen, Germany. This is where his brother Karel lives: “There are people who make their money from this, and of course we also want to make it happen in the Netherlands.”

The pinnacle of sports
In short, the idea is to try throwing bags of rice into the hole. “Eight meters makes it difficult, but you also have to throw as high as you can. Then you get into the hole as best you can.” It turns out to be a serious sport, especially in America. Competitions are held there. See how that works here:

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We can do it in Brabant too, Karel thought, and so the Sachensmegters Wallsberg club is now a reality. Young and old can register: “We train with us every Monday evening in Walsberg, so come and have a look and if you like it, you can register with us straight away.”

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