cheers!  These are New Year's resolutions for Quote 500 . members

cheers! These are New Year’s resolutions for Quote 500 . members

Eric Berkhoff (Photo: Mark Horn)

Good morning, welcome to the new year! Let’s start with a tradition: a tour of a number of Quote 500 members, with the eternal nagging question: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

“Make sure you are in sunny places in the fall and winter.”

Bram Bontrop, son of Quote 500 member Franz Bontrop, chats with us hilariously about his business intentions from Dubai. Anyway full of gas. Really set the pace. The energy transition is very interesting. For example, we are looking at making biogas in America and Ukraine. It is full of opportunities now.

and own intentions? Well, he found that less important. You should try to have a little fun in between actions. So make sure you’re in places where it’s a bit warm to work in the fall and winter. Ah, here it is Dubai. He mostly works here, doesn’t he? But you should know: It’s 30 degrees here.

Exercise five times a week

Frank van Wiesel, investor and owner of the Duca del Cosma golf shoe brand, will fundamentally revamp the collection in 2022. “Over the past year many young people have started playing golf, which is great to see.” Especially at the top of his list: stay healthy. This means exercising five times a week. Tennis, golf and pilates. Hot Pilates? Is this exercise in a hot room? Big smile. Never done that before. Who knows in 2022! ”

Not a picnic, but a quick picnic

Finally, Eric Berkhoff of Van Mossel Automotive Groep whispers his intentions to us. Keep working hard but with a good personal balance. How can I do that? healthy food. I’m not a strong athlete, but I do make sure to exercise. Lots of swimming. And Mashi, but also good, huh. Not a run, but a brisk walk.

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Those with good intentions are kind and sweet, but what’s even more exciting is of course how they achieve their successes. You can read that in Quote 500, which lit 25 candles last year and celebrated it with no less than 25 photos of the country’s top entrepreneurs. Click here to take it homeShipping costs to us. Easier: Take a subscription!

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