Bridget Masland talks about a potential new love: 'She had a very nice date'

Bridget Masland talks about a potential new love: ‘She had a very nice date’

Clarisse notes that Bridget is cheerful and there is a logical explanation for that. “I had a really nice date,” she admits. “More than just a nice date when I look at you that way,” Justin says. Although Bridget initially liked dating a guy outside of the Netherlands due to her fame, she will now return to it. This time she hooked up a Dutch man. “Only from the Netherlands. It’s good if you only speak Dutch.”

Bridget doesn’t want to say much about her potential new love. She wants to say that he is unknown. “No, silly,” she said to Justin. “Quite unknown. I’ve never seen him either.”

The topic of guys and acquaintance is quickly ignored. After all, podcasts are all about beauty. When Clarice, like Justin, asks her she hasn’t done anything about her looks, what she’s doing, Bridget replied, “Some residual gonorrhea or botox elsewhere.”

Restylane breaks down a substance in the body that produces collagen. She sprays Botox “on her lines”. “My skin is starting to wrinkle down my neck. I’ve always had streaks, but now I also have a little turkey with it. And I spray something in it. Sure.”

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