Lubach will be back on TV in 2022 with a Monday through Thursday show

Lubach will be back on TV in 2022 with a Monday through Thursday show

A VPRO spokesperson can’t add anything to this, as she doesn’t know much about it herself. For example, it is unclear when exactly the program will start. “But it will be sometime in 2022.”

Made with a “permanent team”

Laubach tells NOS he can only say what he also shared with ANP news: He will work with the “permanent team” who also uses his satirical news show. Sunday with Laubach made.

This weekly program started in 2014 and won a Gouden Televizier-Ring Award in 2017. Sunday with Laubach It started with around 400,000 viewers. Laubach presented the final episode at the end of March. It was watched by more than 1.8 million people.

Laubach wrote in August of last year, “I think the current format, a half-hour per week in which one major topic is central plus some current events, has reached its limits.” Sunday with Laubach Advertise.

This week, the announcement of the new Lubach program was already in the air. On Monday, he posted a picture tagged with the word “Monday” only on Twitter and Instagram. On Tuesday, a picture was followed by the phrase “Monday Tuesday” and continued until Thursday. Today added “2022 NPO 1 VPRO” to the image.

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