Bloober team unveils horror game Layers of Fears based on Unreal Engine 5 – Gaming – News

Developer Bloober Team has revealed Layers of Fears, a psychedelic horror game within the Layers of Fear franchise. The game is based on Unreal Engine 5 and will be released in early 2023 for PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X and S.

The Bloober Team is working with Anshar Studios on Layers of Fears, the third installment in the seemingly eponymous Layers of Fear franchise, although it appears to be a mix between a remaster set and a new installment. Unlike the previous parts, in Layers of Fears players do not play the role of one character, but the role of several main characters. The story of the horror game consists of the events in the lives of several generations of artists.

Items added at the end of Layers of Fears are essential, according to the Bloober Team CEO. “We’re bringing the franchise back in a new way that will shed new light on the overall story. Our original plan was to recreate the previous games but we didn’t want to release a simple Transformers set. We came up with a new approach where we still can’t talk much about it, but we can Telling you that’s why the game is called Layers of Fears.”

Switching to Unreal Engine 5 ensures that Layers of Fears makes a lot more progress in terms of graphics than it did in the previous installments. The developer promises, among other things, ray tracing, HDR effects, 4K resolution, and integration Unreal Engine 5 . Lumen Lighting System

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