New Google TV screensaver contains media recommendations, info cards – picture and sound – news

Google has started introducing a new screen saver for Chromecast with Google TV. In addition to well-known landscapes, this also provides mini cards with information such as the weather and recommendations for media use. The latter may also be an advertisement.

Images from the screensaver show YouTube videos, Spotify content, YouTube Music, and voice commands like “Show me action movies with Tom Cruise” and Google Podcasts content in the ticket queue. Cards can be selected and act as a list, Shown in pictures at 9to5Google

The new screen saver is enabled by default, but it can be turned off in the system settings. After that, only the current slideshow can be seen, possibly with the time and weather in the corner. Google suggests To enter the job performed by the company Proactive Personal Results It states, it spreads “over the next few weeks”.

It is not entirely clear if this new screensaver also contains ads. Includes home screen for Google TV and Android TV† This takes the form of movie and series recommendations that may be on streaming platforms that the user does not subscribe to.

In the long run, Google TV should be the Android TV alternative, so this screensaver is expected to become standard with Android media players and TVs sooner or later. google Said in 2020 At the Made By Google event, it plans to replace Android TV with Google TV within the next two years. Under the hood, the latter is still Android, but with a wrapper that focuses more on media recommendations than ads. With Android TV, you can already see that these aspects are being taken over.

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