Biden promises Americans and allies: We'll bring you home

Biden promises Americans and allies: We’ll bring you home

The president said this during a press conference at the White House. Thousands of people must be evacuated now that the Taliban have seized power in Afghanistan. The United States has already evacuated about 13,000 people from Afghanistan in the past week.

Evacuation is difficult, because the situation at the airport is chaotic. The airport of the Afghan capital, Kabul, has been surrounded for days by large groups of desperate people who fear the Taliban fighters who have seized power in Afghanistan.

No guarantees

Biden talks about one of the toughest airlifts in history, and says he can’t guarantee a good outcome. “Life may be lost,” the president said.

Earlier this week, there were no flights for a short while because hundreds of people were on the runway. Many people died in this chaos.

Biden said the United States would “deploy all necessary means to ensure that American citizens and allies are brought to safety.” The United States is in constant contact with the Taliban to manage the evacuations.

The Taliban control access to the airport. If they put up obstacles, they will be “combated by force,” Biden says. He said the Taliban had cooperated so far because it was “in their interest”. If necessary, soldiers can also be deployed to bring people to Kabul airport.

no regret

The president did not express remorse over the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. “There is still plenty of time to criticize after this process is over.”

According to him, the Western allies did not question the credibility of the United States. To coordinate the approach of Western countries, a meeting of the leaders of the Group of Seven countries will be held next week. “We are united,” Biden said.

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You can see how the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan so quickly, in this video:

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