Artists are stars on canvas who do not know celebrities

Artists are stars on canvas who do not know celebrities

Viewers Stars on fabric Last night witnessed a poignant moment: it was eerily quiet when presenter Ozcan Akyol announced the “star” of the episode to the artists. It turns out that no one knows the actress Joanna ter Steg. “And you…?”

in Stars on fabric Dutch celebrities hand themselves over to three artists who will paint a portrait of them. This season, Dan Schuurmans, Arjen Robben, Ulkay Golsen and Tineke De Noij have already passed. Who doesn’t know them.

Expectations are therefore high for artists Ellen and Frank Wrenski, who have gathered on a farm in Twente, the home of the celebrities.

Can the artists guess the star on the canvas: Hermann Winckers? Webby Surjadi? Goren ter Mors?

For Rensky, it feels like coming home. Because, like Johanna ter Steg, she comes from the same area. She might have an idea of ​​who will be photographed next, Akyol said. Because celebrities have a relationship with Twente, it’s obvious.

Who was she thinking? “I was still thinking about Johann…” The camera then focuses on actress Johanna ter Steg, who hides in another room for a while. Her outlook changes when she hears who Rensky means. “Johan Nijenhuis,” she finished, referring to the director and director. Not Johanna ter Steg then. The disappointment is clear on her face.

And no, it won’t be Johan Nijenhuis. Although for Rensky it doesn’t really matter who he depicts on the canvas. Other artists can also guess. Among them are Jören ter Mors, Hermann Winckers and Wiebe Surjadi. Well, they won’t be.

A shocking silence between the artists, stars on the canvas: “No, I don’t know her.”

Akyol says it’s time to stop keeping the performers in suspense and engage the guest. And so Johanna ter Steeg came out of the other room. “Yes, no one knew, right? No,” the actress whispers as she enters. He remains eerily quiet among artists.

They shake their heads slightly. You see them thinking but it’s clear: they have absolutely no idea who they are standing in front of. They did not dare to say this at first, until Ozcan Akyol said that he saw something on Rinsky’s face. “I…I’m trying to bring her face home. Hello,” the artist says.

Fellow artist Ellen also states: “No, I don’t know her, sorry.” Renske has kind words for Johanna ter Steege, whom she describes as a beautiful woman. “It makes me happy as a painter.”

Even after the name is announced, it doesn’t ring a bell

But who exactly are artists thinking about? It remains unclear until he calls it Akyol. “This is Johanna ter Steeg.” But that still doesn’t ring a bell for the three artists. “And you…?” asks artist Frank. Celebrity says she is an actress.

The situation remains somewhat uncomfortable Stars on fabric. Broadcaster Ozcan Akyol breaks the silence by saying that he is leaving the room. “Then you can get to know each other. Is that okay?” Artists think this is a good idea. Because getting to know each other is essential.

Watch the episode from Stars on fabric From last night Back here.

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