K-Pop group Omega

K-Pop group Omega

K-Pop group Omega wasn’t about their music, but about the way their agency SPIRE Entertainment handled them during their US tour. This is what happened.

In recent days, an amazing story has broken out in the K-Pop world. Videos have emerged showing the members of K-pop band OMEGA X being scolded and pushed by their CEO Kang Seung Hee. The eleven members were then left in the United States while their CEO and other employees returned to South Korea.

Omega X

Omega X is a relatively young boy band. The eleven-member group debuted last year with the song Vamos. This month, they go to the US for the first time on their Stand Up! tour. But things went wrong at the end of their tour.

On October 23, fans shared on social media that they saw the band in a hotel lobby. As they did so, they saw SPIRE Entertainment’s CEO, Kang Seung Hee, scolding and beating the members. A fan also shared an audio clip, where the screams can clearly be heard. At the end of the part, you can also hear a crash, and then you also hear someone crying.

Listen to the clip here:

the pictures

A day after the fan shared the audio clip, South Korean news outlet SBS News released new photos. The photos, taken after OMEGA He says he is not feeling well and can no longer stand. But this is not acceptable to the CEO. She shouts, “Do you think you losers can be loved by people?”

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She then personally addresses Jae Han, who is now sitting on the floor. “Are you that tired, Kim Jae Han? If you’re always sick, you should stop being a singer. When another group member comes to Jae Han’s defense and says he’s really sick, she also shouts at him that it’s just an act. In the next clip, The group appears in the lobby of the hotel they are staying in. There, Kang is still calling out to Jae Han, who says he feels like he is about to faint. Kang violently pulls on his collar, causing the singer to fall to the floor. We then see him crying because he has to be supported to get to the elevator .

Watch footage of the incident here (English subtitles available):

Abandoned in Los Angeles

New facts followed later. SBS News He shared that the eleven members of the group were stranded at Los Angeles Airport. Their tickets to return to Seoul, South Korea were canceled by their agency. Although the staff and CEO had returned to their home country, the eleven members had to return to Korea on their own.

With the help of their parents, they were finally able to book a ticket to return home. On October 25, news arrived of their return to Seoul.

Agency: “Misunderstanding”

Initially, Kang Seung Hee said over the phone that the audio clips were shared by agency haters who wanted to spread fake news. But after the photos also surfaced, an official statement was issued about the incident. The whole thing was described as a “misunderstanding.”

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In the statement published by the site Chosun Sports“We would like to apologize for causing concern over what happened,” the agency wrote. The footage that emerged occurred at the end of the tour, which began in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 16 and ended in Los Angeles on October 22. At that time, the Omega members were at that moment in a quarrel, in which everyone quickly became agitated because they were tired and raised their voices.”

The agency said that everything has now been discussed and that everyone has agreed that they will continue to work together with mutual respect.


Omegas although these are fortunately becoming more exceptions than the rule.

For example, in 2020, K-pop group The Rose filed a lawsuit against their agency J&Star Company because it refused to pay the group. After reaching an agreement between The Rose members and the agency, the group became active again under a new agency.

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