Andrei praises super talent in Mercedes F1: “America goes crazy”

Andrei praises super talent in Mercedes F1: “America goes crazy”

In March 2019, Colton Herta, the son of former Indigo icon Brian Herda, became the youngest person to win an Indigo race. He has since won three more races, according to team owner Mario Andretti, meaning Herta Formula 1.

In his own words, Andrei does everything he can to keep Herta at bay in Formula 1: “It was always his goal, and for no reason did he start racing alone in England at the age of 15. However, he was quiet, very humble, but he was an F1-worthy. I see talent, ”Andrei said in the conversation Autosport.

“He’s a great qualifier, and the races he’s won on the circuit of Laguna Seka and the United States, for example, he’s not won in strategy or anything like that, but at sheer speed. He has won the best in indie like Scott, Dixon and Will. Power.”

According to Andretti, Herta did not complain like some other drivers: “He changes everything, you often hear drivers complaining about too little grip or too much wind, but Herta does not. He does what he has to do, always finds a way to do it.” I really appreciate that. “

If Herta is actually in Formula 1, according to Andrei, it’s good news for America’s attention on Formula 1: “I think Formula 1 is already underestimated at this point, but if Herta is in the F1, driving for a better team, America is going crazy.” . “

“We need an American in Formula 1, but not at the end of the field without a chance to score. Mercedes sells a lot of cars in the United States. Imagine what they can do with the Herta? In a year or two, otherwise they will soon see it as obsolete.”

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Andrei Nikita concludes with a good sneer to Masebin: “Herta is now 21, I know there are no tests and there are limits to the super licensing system, but if Masebin gets a contract, there is no better player like Herta, then seriously wrong!”

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