World powers suffocated the Soviet Union and the United States in Afghanistan

Author Sana Valulina says two world powers are suffocating each other in Afghanistan OVT. You will not find out why this is in political or socio-economic analysis, but in art. ” ‘

Ask immediately: Sanaa Valiulina about the Eternal War in Afghanistan

Inventory 200

In early April, the United States announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan. “It is time to end the Eternal War,” President Biden said. “Our goals have been achieved.” I do not know what goals he is referring to as the Taliban continue to advance in the country, but it seems wise for me to end the Eternal War.

When did that eternal war really begin? Exactly 43 years ago today, exactly 43 years ago, on April 27, 1978, the April Revolution in Afghanistan was a coup. After the Soviet model, Afghanistan had to become a socialist country. Suffering soon began: popular opposition, subsequent terrorism and violent internal power struggles. An urgent appeal was made to the Great Socialist Brotherhood, so it happened. On December 26, 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. This marked the beginning of a permanent war in Afghanistan and the end of the Soviet Union.


The blame is usually placed on then-party leader Brezhnev. But Brezhnev was severely weakened at this time and could not function properly. It was an ambitious victory for the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State and the head of the Secret Service.

The billion-dollar Afghan war, which killed between 1 and 2 million Afghans and 15 to 30,000 Russian soldiers, has left the world with catastrophic consequences, including Muslim extremism. What does our generation know about this other than the fact that the Soviet Union is fulfilling its international duty in a socialist fraternal country where the enemy wanted to kill the young revolution?

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nothing. There were only rumors: players would get bromine through their diet to lower their testosterone so they could focus more on battle, resulting in disability. They were wiped out by an ‘Afghan bouquet’ containing typhoid fever, hepatitis and malaria. It is better for a soldier to perish than to fall into the hands of the Mujahideen.

Why not win

Eighteen-year-olds were sent to the military unit with only a secret, number not knowing where they were going. It is a state secret. The decades-long war was a decade-long dream for all Russian mothers. “Until he goes to Afghanistan”, I will never forget this sentence. Similar to the concept of the Cargo 200. It was a zinc coffin weighing about 200 kg in which the slain soldiers or their remains were returned home. Cargo 200 has become a symbol of the Afghan war.

Since the Russians called the Mujahideen at that time, there was no victory against the discrimination of Allah. This is why in political or socio-economic analysis, but you can not find in art. In a Franco-Belgian film entitled The Wagon Front. Wagon Valley in northeastern Afghanistan. 2014. A French Battalion. The soldiers disappear one by one. The French with the latest spy equipment are slowly going crazy because they can’t find and track anyone. Pointing to their superior equipment, an Afghan boy said, “If you don’t see something, it means Still That doesn’t mean it’s not there. “” There they are, the Western soldiers next to that little kid, mouth teeth.

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