Today is Super Tuesday in the US, what is it and why is it so important?  |  Abroad

Today is Super Tuesday in the US, what is it and why is it so important? | Abroad

Super Tuesday is considered one of the most important days ahead of the US presidential election, but today's 'Super Tuesday' is not so great.

What is Super Mars?

It is a political ritual that takes place every four years in the United States. On 'Super Tuesday', Americans in multiple states vote simultaneously for their party's candidate on the ballot. Today it covers fifteen states and one territory, spanning six time zones from the East Coast to American Samoa in the South Pacific.

Candidates win what are called 'delegates', delegates who formally vote on the nomination at a party convention in the summer. This Tuesday, many of those delegates could be won in one fell swoop, more than a third of the total. That's what makes Super Tuesday a decisive day.

Since 1988, Democrats in southern states have decided to schedule their primaries on the same day at the beginning of the year. They believed that they could have more influence on the final outcome.

What is at stake now?

Some. The outcome of the primaries is already clear: Joe Biden and Donald Trump will win and compete against each other in the November elections, just like in 2020.

In the Democratic Party, no opponent of standing has emerged to challenge Biden. Trump has a comfortable lead in the Republican Party. His only remaining opponent, Nikki Haley, has a significant minority of support, but still lags behind Trump even in her home state of South Carolina.

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If she doesn't approach him again on Super Tuesday, it's conceivable that she'll soon abandon her campaign. The first proponents are already backing off because they don't believe it. Based on polls, Trump's team expects him to have enough delegates in mid-March to be declared the winner of the Republican primaries.

And then the primary ends up with two unpopular candidates, how is that possible?

Many American voters never participate in primaries. They boycott nearly three-quarters—an average turnout of about 27 percent. These participants are the most committed, fanatical segment of supporters of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Also, party leadership is important. In both parties, primaries are organized to give a wind at the back of a former president who wants to run for re-election. So the results of the primaries can give a distorted picture of the preferences of the American people as a whole. Seven in ten Americans don't think new elections between Biden and Trump are a good idea.

What role does the Supreme Court play?

That court, the most important in the United States, further paved the way for Donald Trump just before Super Tuesday. Officials in Colorado and several other states wanted to remove Trump from the ballot because of his role in the capitol storm. After Trump believed a large-scale fraud had taken place, his supporters stormed the Congressional building.

According to Colorado, a person convicted of rebellion against a democratic government should no longer run for office. But banning him was undemocratic and the states were not allowed to make such a decision, a nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court unanimously ruled. Only Congress in Washington can disqualify a candidate.

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What's coming up on Super Tuesday?

All things considered, the campaign will begin between Trump and Biden, while Trump is a suspect in four criminal cases. Especially these criminal cases are still a factor of uncertainty. Hush money for Trump's mistress hidden in accounting will begin later this month. It is not yet clear whether the other three cases, including one involving election manipulation, will begin before U.S. voters go to the polls on Nov. 5.

Trump's only remaining opponent is Nikki Haley. © Getty Images

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