Max Verstappen beats US GP to extend World Cup lead |  Motorsport

Max Verstappen beats US GP to extend World Cup lead | Motorsport

With five more races to go, Verstappen now has a 12-point lead over seven-time world champion Hamilton.


A good start from Verstappen, but even better from Hamilton. The first few corners drove to the cutting edge, next to the Red Bull Mercedes. The Dutchman had almost flown away, so the British had to let the world champion go first. His teammate Sergio Perez also passed Verstappen at high speed.

However, he overtook Mexico and began to chase Hamilton in second place. Verstappen did well in Hamilton’s second game. In round 10, the Dutchman had already arrived Lowered. “The tires are so hot, we’re not really fast,” he shouted at the on-board radio shortly before. He fell back to P5, but shortly after Daniel Ricciardo blasted to P4.

After a few rounds Hamilton went inside and Verstappen took the lead because he had already advanced to P2. The Netherlands had long been in the lead and Britain in second place. Charles Leklerk crossed the Perez and was in the B3.

Verstappen went inside a second time on the 30th lap, so he fell behind Hamilton again. Tactical game between Red Bull and Mercedes. Meanwhile, Perez crossed the Leklerk again. Hamilton came in at 38 in the lap, putting Verstappen back in the lead. However, Britt was a little intrusive towards his rival.

Mercedes told Hamilton on board radio “the last three rounds today”. But it seemed to be going fast because the British Mercedes came close very quickly. Ten rounds interval 3.2 seconds. However, Hamilton’s tires also got old, and he did not go so fast in the tail area of ​​the limber.

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On the 55th floor out of a total of 56, Hamilton was 1.1 seconds behind Verstappen. Thriller climax never seen before. Last round difference: 8 tenths. But Hamilton could not do that: Verstappen won the GB in a glorious manner.

Look at the battle levels for the championship in Formula 1.

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