Arthur uit Hengelo met 1 van z'n telescopen waarmee hij vandaag de zonsverduistering gaat zien (Foto: RTV Oost)

Arthur from Hengelo travels around the world for a solar eclipse

He was already in Egypt, China and the United States for a perfect solar eclipse. Arthur Wickman of Hengelo. He can’t wait for a partial solar eclipse in the Netherlands today. For that he took special leave.

To say that Arthur has a passion for the universe and that everything that happens there is a hobby is actually very rare. He has several telescopes and posters of the Sun, Moon and planets like Venus and Uranus in his flat in Henkelo. “I think Saturn is so beautiful with its rings. But really everything.”

Travel the world

Arthur has already traveled to many places to see the solar eclipse. “I was in the United States in 2007, but I have already been to Hungary, Egypt, China and Africa for solar eclipses.” From the age of 14, he was fascinated by the special feeling associated with solar eclipses.



Colleagues at his job at TMJet don’t think his passion is crazy, he can leave the steam with his volunteer work at the Cosmos Lab in Arthur Latrop. He can’t wait for the next eclipse: “It’s so special. When it’s over, people will cry, or hug each other. It’s a little addictive.”

Arthur sometimes had misfortunes during an eclipse due to clouds or rain. “I was a little unfortunate in the United States, and that’s where it got worse again.” The weather seems to be getting better today. “I kept an eye on the weather and as soon as I realized it would be fine, I immediately took the time.”


Arthur is already planning his next total solar eclipse. “I could go to the United States in 2024, but in 2027 there will be one in Spain. It’s a little closer. It’s my birthday, August 2nd.

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