America chooses strict consumption standards, but lags behind |

America chooses strict consumption standards, but lags behind |

D.Europe is doing what it can to formalize zero gram emissions per kilometer, while on other continents it is not progressing as fast. In fact, Europe is definitely not on the same side. For example, Spain still has priority rates for registering cars with emissions of less than 120g / km. In other countries (like us) you have already been humiliated for it.

In the United States a car is allowed to consume approximately 10 liters

Globally, the odds are even higher. Latin America, for example, does not engage in electrification. In the United States, the Trump administration relaxed emissions standards because it believed that stricter emissions standards would make cars more expensive. Now Biden is doing the opposite. It sets a fuel consumption standard of 40 miles per gallon (5.88 l / 100 km) for cars sold from 2026 onwards. Currently the standard is 24 miles per gallon or 9.8 l / 100 km. By the way, these are averages. Cars with higher fuel consumption can also be sold, until their emissions are offset by other models.

Half of the newer cars drink more

Currently, half of all cars sold in the United States do not currently meet the target. This includes the most popular cars such as the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. They are built with very economical machines, but they are not necessary.

This is not surprising given the large pickups currently with the most official consumption figures. For example, while Ford recognizes the call for full compulsory electrification in Europe, it casually generates hundreds of thousands of copies of the gas-gasling F-150 pickup each year. America’s best-selling transportation system instantly makes new Ford one of the biggest polluters. Other brands are not performing well. The Chevrolet Silverado uses an average of 13.4 liters per 100 km. It is the third best-selling model in the United States. Last year, just under 520,000 were issued.

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According to Biden management, the United States will eventually release 2.5 billion (!!) tons less CO2 due to the new standards.

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