Adele is in the dust after hurting Peppa Pig: 'This makes me very, very sad' |  to watch

Adele is in the dust after hurting Peppa Pig: ‘This makes me very, very sad’ | to watch

VideoActress Adele, 33, inflicted deep damage on beloved cartoon character Peppa Pig with a comment during an Instagram Live. A fan asked her if she’d collaborate with the famous piglet, and she screamed “No” as if that was the most stupid idea ever. Pippa said he was very sad, after which Adele changed her mind.

“Hi Adele, I was very sad when you said you didn’t want to work with me,” Pippa said in a recorded message to the singer, when she was a guest on British radio station Capital FM. ,,why not? Don’t you like it?”

The actress listened in astonishment. “I’m sorry,” Adele said. “I’ve watched you with my son for three years. I really regret it. If you want to jump in mud puddles or sing in them: I’m here. I was horrified after I said it.”

Adele and Pippa Peg. © Bruno / Peppa Paige

In another interview, Pippa appeared again, emphasizing Adele with all her love for the duet with the pig. Thanks to a few tweaks by the DJ, the singer was actually able to hear the sound of it. He had Adelie’s singing voices Send my love (to your new lover) Set to Peppa Pig music:

The text continues below the tweet.

Iggy finger duet

This isn’t the first time Peppa Pig has had fun with celebrities. In 2019, rapper Iggy Azalea discovered that her new album was released on the same day as Pippa’s new CD release.

“It’s over for me now,” the artist wrote on Twitter, after which Pippa quoted a text from Iggy to confirm she was right. “Peppa is so cool, you already know‘The piglet’s official account referred to the number be fond of.

Iggy Azalea.

Iggy Azalea. © Environmental Protection Agency

Azalea, who later admitted that she was very afraid of losing to Peppa, wrote: “Work with me now or I’ll make you breakfast.”

The text continues below the tweet.

Peppa is himself sometimes despicable. Her account recently shared a review of Kanye West’s new album, which was released on the leading platform pitchfork I got 6.0. Peppa’s 6.5 album was recorded on the same site.

In a now-deleted tweet, Peppa couldn’t help but chuckle at the artist who had just organized a huge record-launching event. “Peppa didn’t have to throw a listening party in a big stadium to get half the point.”

Peppa's grilled tweet to Kanye.

Peppa’s grilled tweet to Kanye. © Twitter Peppa Pig

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