The shimmering Golden Televizier-Ring party contained a boring spot...

The shimmering Golden Televizier-Ring party contained a boring spot…

Pretty dresses didn’t have to brighten up a boring event this year. The Golden Televizier-Ring Gala 2021 (AvroTros) was distinguished by speed, humor and inclusion. It has touched the heart at times, as with songs commemorating Peter R. de Vries. Speaking of the inclusion: Ethiopian-Dutch Olympic champion Sivan Hassan was allowed to present the main prize, in very little, but bright Dutch. Gouden gave Televizier-Ring to Jessica Villerius’ documentary series The Children of Ruinerwold.

It turned out on Thursday, exactly two years ago, that the son of Israel demolished that farm and sounded the alarm. Once the children lived in seclusion, they now stand in Carré in uniform, with their photo arches as silent witnesses to their overdue benefits. This is the power of openness and tolerance. Philirus’ honesty aroused sympathy and made them natural, rather than sensationally alienating them from whims. They have been seen and heard, and that is why I make television,” said Philirios gratefully.

Roenrwald’s childrenNPO . image

Zilveren Televizier-Ster Presentatrice was also very responsible for Nikkie de Jager. Kornald Maas thanked her that the Eurovision 2021 Song Contest was once again “such a stage of natural acceptance and tolerance”. Furthermore, a star for Best Actor/Actress went to a Woman (Elise Cheb defeated Frank Lammers). This drew ridicule from the Golden Calves jury, who allegedly gave too much “disgraceful” awards to the men.

love in the sound

Linda Hackebum also received Best Web Series from Televizier-Ster for Linda’s cancer story. She dedicated the award to patients at home. “Being sick is not beautiful. But it is a part of life. You belong,” she spoke with a straight back and grain in her voice. She received a warm welcome.

Linda Hackeboom.  AVROTROS صورة photo

Linda Hackeboom.AVROTROS صورة photo

Did an error occur? Well, wrong… It would have been nice if Ahmed Okabi and the other Mocro Mafia makers had finally been able to harvest here. Only after three seasons followed this year by the Golden Calf, the hit series has not appeared on disc Zilveren Nipkow (Quality Award) and as a favorite it has now lost votes for the Gouden Televizier-Ring Award (Audience Award).

This is also due to an unmentioned factor: distribution. Mocro Mafia, via Videoland only, has helped RTL’s live streaming channel reach over 1 million subscribers. But it is still a service that you have to pay for separately. The casual passer-by misses this series completely. Was The Children of Ruinerwold also attracted 1.4 million viewers exclusively on Videoland?

dairy cow

I’ll say it out loud: this “singularity” throws my back at the talented and revolutionary Mocro Mafia makers. You give them the main stage on RTL4 or 5. Now mocros is a typical Dutch dairy cow.

With a fourth season looming, the series is an important liberator for the color cast. This is where they can hack, and take on more exciting roles than shoplifter or pizza delivery boy. Their characters are evil and human, with feelings, family, doubts and victories.

In short, Mocro Mafia gives Moroccan-Dutch actors character roles and coaching instructors. This could have affected their emancipation for decades. Why hide that social interest behind the door of a store with exclusive member access? This way, the series instinctively stays in place. If Mocro Mafia was available for free on TV, the shady series would probably have won more major awards a long time ago.

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