Adam Tower is surrounded by 12 clubs and cafes for the “party of the year”

Adam Tower is surrounded by 12 clubs and cafes for the “party of the year”

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Space is allotted for all night catering establishments in the famous tower across from IJ. This way, Amsterdam residents can easily navigate from club to café and, again, to catch up on all the missed parties over the past two years in one evening.

On the first floor you can spend time in the bar at De Kopstootbar and De Tulp. The Red Light Bar, Tales & Spirits, and The Duke of Tokyo also host a space. There she dances at Mary Go Wild, or stop by the hall where Lovelee and Chin Chin Club have a party together. At the top are Madame, the Chicago Social Club and Jimmy Wu.

According to Unlock The Party, the lineup is as diverse as life in Amsterdam itself. Known first names: Sophie Street, Fiesta Macumba Soundsystem, Elias Mazian.

“For many people, the nightlife is really a safe haven where everyone can be whatever they want,” says Junior Van Keulen, programmer at Club Nyx. “We are therefore proud to represent the LGBTQ+ community during this unique event in which Amsterdam Night is once again put on a pedestal.”

The party starts at 8pm and ends at 2am. The ticket costs 30 euros, ticket sales begin on February 24 at 10 am.

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