A strange note by Frank Visser surprised Victor Brand: "This is a joke, isn't it?"  |  Turns out

A strange note by Frank Visser surprised Victor Brand: “This is a joke, isn’t it?” | Turns out

A fierce fight with Mr. Frank Visser ended last night with a wonderful joke. Two neighbors from The Hague heard the TV judge dismiss all of their demands, and while one was reconciled with it, the other was less happy. “I’ll get a bunch of people and then shoot,” said the man, who recently told us how important a good neighbor’s relationship is to him.

Vinod has lived in the dream house he designed and built in The Hague for five years now. However, happiness is difficult to find, because no matter how many times his wife and children beg him, he cannot forget about arguing with his neighbor.

He himself believes that a man is more than a boy, because a real man will abide by conventions. In this case, they were around a barricade in their lane. The masters agreed that half of it would consist of a two-meter-high concrete wall. They disagree on the other half by the street.

According to Vinod, his neighbor sits in the front row for a dime. © SBS

According to Vinod, a smaller wall will be built according to the higher wall and his neighbor, owner, will plant a row of conifers next to that lower section. The deal was that he would pay for it himself and Vinod would pay 800 euros for the wall, as 689,000 viewers saw him.

The thought alone last night was enough for a sad face on Saheb’s face. The man is an architect and he only dares to show himself if the partitions on either side of his house are the same. On the other side of the house is a high wall without a low span, with some conifers bordering the property. In other words: as for the photo, this Vinod low wall should be removed and replaced with plants.

Jealous of the car

After three years of stalemate, tensions have escalated over the wall. Vinod suspected his neighbor was lying to score a free wall. Saheb also suspects Vinod is jealous that his job is better and his car is better. This is nonsense, Vinod says. He thinks Renault Saheb is a joke.

In the end, neither man got their way. Since the agreements were never recorded in black and white, Judge Frank Veser had to approach the case as if there were no agreements at all. The law provides Vinod’s right to an opaque partition and that conifers alone are not sufficient. And because Vinod had already offered to pay for the wall himself, he could now not ask for money from an owner.


No, we won’t. This is a joke, isn’t it?

Victor Brand

Vinod concluded after the verdict that the matter was no different. He wanted to bury the hatchet. “For me it is over, and we will salute each other,” he said. You might think the music suits his ears, because he’s just telling how important a good relationship with the neighbors is to him.

“Neighbors first, then your home,” translated an Arabic saying. If your neighbors are hungry, and you have food, you cannot eat and you have to give it to the neighbors. This is the culture. ”

His reaction to Vinod disproportionately. “I’ll get some people and then shoot,” he said, laughing after the neighbor’s conciliatory words. Presenter Victor Brand was shocked and promptly asked for a clarification. “No, we wouldn’t do that,” he intervened. “This is a joke, isn’t it?” He said while Vinod was flustered. “This is a joke, yes, of course,” concluded the author.

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