"A number of GGDs set up special testing rooms for monkeypox patients"

“A number of GGDs set up special testing rooms for monkeypox patients”

who – which According to the BNR . tour Along a number of GGDs. There are no separate rooms in Utrecht, but there is a separate monkeypox consultation hour.

Local GGDs adhere to the guidelines issued by the RIVM at the end of May. She called for less contact with people who come for testing.

Plans are ready at various GGDs to increase testing capacity. Diverting testing streets for coronavirus is also one possibility.

Not all GGDs believe separate test rooms are necessary, according to the BNR Tour. GGD Hollands Midden chooses to run the tests in people’s homes. This was previously done in The Hague, but is now “labour-intensive” there.

352 injuries

Yesterday, RIVM reported that 352 people have been diagnosed with the virus in our country. Compared to last Thursday, 64 new cases appeared. This increase is much stronger than the increase in recent weeks.

People with monkeypox can have fever, headache, muscle aches, and general malaise. After a few days, a rash appears with blisters on the skin. Usually people do not get very sick from the infection.

One patient in the Netherlands was hospitalized for infection-related skin complaints. He recovered and went home.

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