Tips against sleep problems |  BNR News Radio

Tips against sleep problems | BNR News Radio

A head full of cotton wool, weak muscles, little focus and above all there is no resilience even in the smallest setbacks. A broken night can break up.

One in five people has trouble sleeping. They find it difficult to fall asleep or get up early. Neurologist and sleep Claire Dongacore, who works for the Netherlands Epilepsy Institutes (SEIN), knows all about sleep problems, sleep diseases, sleep hygiene and lifestyle rules for better sleep. One of her top tips: Spend less time in bed if you have trouble sleeping.

Healthcare Innovators

Most of the science is based on already known theories and techniques and proven effective treatment methods. But what would happen if clinicians drew on patients’ experiences and tested those theories, techniques, and treatments?

to This approach Started as Professor of Molecular Biology at UMC Amsterdam Bianca Brundel Five lines of research in atrial fibrillation. You’ll check if atrial fibrillation is related to stress and exposure, and how it relates to it Insecticidesgenetics and whether it can be reduced with nutritional supplements.

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