“Carbs make you less fat in the morning.”

“Carbs make you less fat in the morning.”

Breakfast is important, we know that now. But what is a healthy breakfast? German physician and nutrition expert Dr. Mikalsen tells… Frankfurter Allgemeine You should eat enough carbohydrates for breakfast. Eggs aren’t healthy, but they’re not bad either.

Dr. Mikalsen: “You need to eat more energy, more calories, and especially more carbohydrates than in the evening. This is because the process of digesting carbohydrates, which depends on insulin function, works better in the morning than in the vast majority of people. ” In the evening, especially in overweight people. This means that carbohydrates make you less fat in the morning. There are very few people for whom this is not the case. These are night owls, that is, people who wake up very late and go to bed very late.

What about coffee?
“Coffee is now considered healthy. The data overwhelmingly supports the protective effect of coffee on various diseases, such as liver disease, Parkinson’s disease or dementia. You can drink up to four cups of green and black tea at the same time. Filter coffee is considered the healthiest, as it contains all Other preparation methods contain a larger amount of oil, which causes a slight increase in cholesterol.
With milk?

“It’s better not to. Coffee contains many plant compounds, including secondary compounds, that make it so healthy, some of which are masked by animal proteins. So I recommend oat milk.”

So green tea isn’t healthier than coffee?

“Until a few years ago, green tea was considered the healthiest because… Epigallocatechin galatin It includes. These are very effective molecules against many chronic diseases. But in the end, it has to be said that coffee has caught up with it. It’s completely healthy. Just green tea something “HEALTHIER THAN BLACK TEA.”

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Do you prefer eating porridge over bread for breakfast?

“If you are eating bread, it should be whole wheat bread. Rye has a little more fiber than wheat. If you are eating bread, it is better to eat it in the morning rather than in the evening. In addition to almond or walnut butter, you can eat it in the morning and use honey as well.” In general, studies show that honey is much better than other sweet types.

What do you think of eggs for breakfast?

“Eggs aren’t really bad, but they’re not healthy either. If you eat more than three to five eggs a week, there’s a small risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Eggs are no longer as unhealthy as people once thought, but they still are. I’m not I recommend eating eggs as a food, but you won’t fall out of your chair if you eat them, but I think an egg for breakfast every day is too much.

What do you eat for breakfast?

“Porridge with a little flaxseed, with frozen berries or fresh berries, depending on the season. I also add walnuts, a little cinnamon and sugar-free oat milk. When I take breakfast to work, I don’t feel like it.” “I eat such a big box, so I eat whole wheat bread with almond butter and a little butter or with cream cheese and a few lettuce leaves.”

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