A couple throws in the towel in Spanish Village

A couple throws in the towel in Spanish Village

The village council decided to take a look at Casa del Premio to see if the couples were making progress with the renovation. They will be pleasantly surprised by the renovated bedroom, bathroom and living room. “Oh my God, what a difference,” he says. But the shock is great when they enter the kitchen.

The walls of the small room are full of cracks and debris everywhere. “It’s exactly the same. They didn’t do anything here.” The mayor is very disappointed by what he finds. When he says the word “kitchen” he moves his index and middle fingers, because in this case it should not be called a kitchen. “My heart sank. What a disappointment.”

The question remains whether Raymond and Bianca, responsible for the kitchen renovation, can transform the space in such a short time. “This cannot be done in two weeks,” the mayor concludes. “I have to talk to them, because this is impossible.” That’s enough for him. “Such laxity will not be tolerated,” he adds.

“We have a problem,” he begins the conversation with Raymond. “You saw Casa del Premio and you didn’t do anything.” The conversation takes a big turn. Raymond and Bianca throw in the towel. “We are sorry, but the house is like a ruin and it will cost a lot to renovate. We are closing Casa del Premio.”

Somewhat puzzled, the mayor asks if they are sure about their choice. “Yes, that’s why we want to return the key,” is the answer. The city’s mayor expresses his dissatisfaction, saying: “This saddens me.” Raymond and Bianca indicate that they will continue to live in Zara. The mayor ended the conversation on a positive note: “It’s a shame you have to resign, but I’m glad you’re staying here.”

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However, the city’s mayor is finding it difficult. “I wonder how long they’ll stay. In two months they’ve already given up on a simple mission. This is a life project.” He offers the couple one final piece of advice: “Try to remain friends with other couples.”

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