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Since Frostpunk was a really tough game to change, I was able to enjoy it for a long time. In the beginning it was really trying things, failing insanely, starting over and going through the cycle again.

Now that many retries have gone through, they’ve been put on hold.

Few tips without spoiling
– Not only cold and lack of food cause sick/dying people, but also annoying questions like “give us” x “houses within” x “days or other..”. These events can really spoil your city if they come at an unlucky time.
So priority 1 is always enough heat and food.
Heat management, during the day most of the workers are at work and most of the kids are at school (if you have any). Research the city where people are walking and make sure the heating is on. You can turn off the heating where there are no people. On the contrary, in the evening it is not necessary to turn on the heating in the workplace when there are no people around.
– Exploration, start early and also invest in extra expedition crew and extra speed. Exploration is very useful, especially the power cores and extra people are worth it. If you find more people, keep in mind that many of them can/will get sick and that your ability to treat these people is sufficient. If you are invaded by sick people who cannot treat you in time, it will be reasonably done.
Walking routes, this is a very important thing that I overlooked at first. People walk back and forth from work. If they get too cold while walking, they can get sick while riding. With the clever build you can prevent a lot of the long ways through the cold, for the rest I at least put the heater on the lowest setting in the coldest part. This really saves a lot of patients

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