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Wests Tigers will miss nothing with Mitchell Moses’ departure. Nothing. The club will actually be better for his leaving, both financially and culturally.

Moses’ farewell performance against South Sydney last Friday night was extraordinary, a total lack of effort that would have been embarrassing to a part-time bush footballer, let alone someone paid big money to play NRL rugby league.

The performance said plenty about Moses the player, and Moses the man.

Sadly, it was not the first time Moses has turned it up. His sense of entitlement, his disregard for accountability and his complete lack of desire have taken a talented young footballer and turned him into an overpaid bust that will not succeed in the cut and thrust world of the NRL. The Eels will soon find out they’ve been sold a lemon.

Players who move clubs can find a new lease of life. Perhaps they just need a change of scenery. They may be used in a more suitable role. They are better coached or surrounded by better players or are happier away from the field.

Those players who improve with a club move, though, are not those who are moved on because of attitude issues. Players with bad attitudes carry them for most of their career. The exceptions are rare.

Moses was thrust into the NRL on the back of having a famous and influential uncle and being mollycoddled by a club smitten with its own juniors. He was poorly coached and paired with another kid in the halves behind a pack that was generally beaten.

But he also too often took the lairy option, displayed little football intelligence and most tellingly, was a liability in defence. Moses orchestrated his own departure and when he didn’t get his own way, he was willing to cost his team and his teammates a football game.

Would Cameron Smith ever pull a stunt like that? What about Johnathan Thurston? Could anyone imagine Josh Reynolds doing that?

Moses might have more talent in his calf than Reynolds has in his entire body, but Reynolds will make the team better because effort trumps ability nearly every time.

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