You cannot miss these places!

You cannot miss these places!

A tour of North America gives you the opportunity to discover and explore some of the world’s best travel destinations. From bustling cities to relaxing yet breathtaking national parks. There are countless places that you should not missA wonderful trip to America with the family. In this article you will find some places that you should definitely include in your itinerary.

New York City

Have you ever actually visited America without going to New York City? Marvel at Times Square, stroll and picnic in Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty and admire the iconic skyline of the Empire State Building. This cosmopolitan city offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and culinary experiences.

Yellowstone National Park

Experience the wonders of nature in Yellowstone. The park is known for its geysers and bubbling mud pools. You can enjoy colorful hot springs in the park. You can also look for wild animals like bison, moose and wolves. An amazing experience in nature.

Niagara Falls

This waterfall is a must-see during a North American tour. Being located on the border of the US and Canada makes for a nice transition between the two countries. Take a boat ride on the water or enjoy the beautiful view from Skylon Tower. You really shouldn’t miss this one!

Banff National Park

A trip to CanadaA visit to Banff National Park would not be complete. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, the park offers beautiful turquoise lakes and impressive forests. Explore the town of Banff and enjoy a soak in the hot springs at Banff Upper Hot Springs. An unforgettable experience.

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Prince Edward Island

Visit Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, natural scenery and friendly communities. Enjoy delicious restaurants and beautiful villages. The island is the perfect place for a relaxing escape from the busy city life.


This metropolis is vibrant: a veritable mix of impressive architecture, cultural diversity and fun activities. Discover vibrant neighborhoods, taste Canadian culinary delights and visit beautiful museums. A city you don’t want to miss!

A tour of North America will be an adventure full of unforgettable experiences. From bustling cities to relaxing national parks. Each of these places offers its own unique charm. Which places are you adding to your itinerary?

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