Niels Testatzbader in Blankenberge, Tom Cruise in South America

Niels Testatzbader in Blankenberge, Tom Cruise in South America

Humo guides you every day in a range of small and medium-sized screens, as the hole you sit in also needs to be maintained.


‘Black Klansman’

Spike Lee Film a true story Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), a black FBI agent who had telephone contact with the KKK in the 1970s. Adam Driver His colleague, he physically infiltrates the organization. The mix between comedy and suspense is a bit unbalanced, but Lee’s style is enjoyable.

10:10 PM on Canvas

“The Foundation (Season 2)”

Not the best sci-fi series on Apple TV+ – it’s a light year away from ‘All Mankind’ – but the most ambitious is ‘The Foundation’, based on its mission. Isaac Asimov, which would span centuries and grow into an epic spanning the entire galaxy. Learn more here.

Now on Apple TV+

‘Five Star Chef’

Treat yourself to lots of wacky meringues, baked goods and conversations about layers and textures: Netflix’s ‘Five Star Chef’ hunts for the greatest talents hidden among chefs, who can open a stellar restaurant on the other hand. Palm Court, more precisely, is the restaurant of The Langham, a famous luxury hotel in London. Michel Roux, the reigning celebrity chef, is looking for someone to take over the kitchen.

Now on Netflix

Five star chefFig. rv

‘American Made’

Northwest Airlines-Pilot Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) faces a full-quarter life crisis when the CIA hires him to take photographs of rebel camps in South America in a small sport jet. A gift from heaven, especially if he has a very profitable business Everything is illegal As a flexible work. The fact that director Doug Liman based his amazing action flick on a true and at the same time incredibly beautiful story only adds to the viewing pleasure.

8.35pm on VTM 3

‘Summertime Success’

In the wonderful circus that Flemish TV channels run every summer, it’s a good idea to look for new TV shows. ‘Zomerhit’ is new tonight, and when you say ‘Flemish popular’, we at Humo say: ‘You can keep us up at night for it.’ Not necessarily, because VRT broadcasts this prime time and immediately after ‘FC De Kampioenen’. On top of that, the presentation is hands-on Niels Testatsbader Inside Siska Scotters. Delicious.

8.45pm on VRT 1

Radio2 summer hit - Niels Testatsbader and Siska Scotters Image © VRT

Radio2 Summer Hit – Niels Testatsbader and Siska ScottersImage © VRT

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