Congressman: America has alien technology

Congressman: America has alien technology

US Congressman Tim Burchett claims to have seen secret photos of UFOs. He said on the Event Horizon podcast that aliens have technology that humans cannot handle. It means they can conquer the earth. What the technology is, Burchett has kept under wraps.

But it is clear that these are powerful weapons. “This kind of technology can turn us into charcoal. “If they can fly light years at the speeds we’ve seen, fly underwater, and leave no heat trace, they’re really in a class of their own,” the congressman said.

Bursett serves on a team dealing with the dangers posed by alien technology. His conclusion is clear: ‘We cannot cope’. 1 on Fox News, “Does the government have these crazy aliens and is hiding it from us?” was asked.

In response to that question, Burchett said the U.S. government has recovered alien technology and that the U.S. has been covering it up since 1947 — the year of the infamous Roswell, New Mexico, incident — if not before.

Tim Burchett is a Republican who refuses to accept that Joe Biden won the election. He has previously gone public with his belief that the US has alien technology.

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