Xiaomi unveils a phone with a 1-inch camera sensor on the back: the “biggest ever” |  Currently

Xiaomi unveils a phone with a 1-inch camera sensor on the back: the “biggest ever” | Currently

Xiaomi phone maker owns the extension 12s Ultra Foot. The new top-of-the-line device will appear in China. The smartphone stands out with a camera island on the back, which resembles a single lens and occupies a third of the space in the body.

The 12S Ultra is part of the 12S series. These are the best new phones from Xiaomi, which were released half a year after the previous series.

On the back of the 12S Ultra it appears that a single camera lens has been placed. In fact, there are three: a wide-angle lens (48 megapixels), a periscope lens (48 megapixels intended for zoom) and a standard lens. The latter has a massive 1-inch sensor – according to Xiaomi, the largest ever in a smartphone.

It is a Sony IMX989 sensor (50 MP). Thanks to the sensor’s size, it should capture more light in dark environments. Colors should also be captured better.

According to Xiaomi Director Lei Jun, Xiaomi developed the large camera sensor with Sony. The companies split the costs (transmitted more than 14 million euros). Incidentally, the director says that the sensor could also later be used by other smartphone makers, “to promote improvements in the field of mobile cameras”.

Not for sale in the Netherlands

The device also has a 6.73-inch OLED display. The screen can be refreshed up to 120 times per second. This is possible in most cell phones these days. Ensures that images are displayed smoothly and without tearing. The phone also has a 4860mAh battery that supports fast charging up to 67W.

At the moment, phones from the 12S series will appear only in China. The 12S Ultra costs 5999 yuan (about 859 euros). It is not known if the device will appear later in the Netherlands. Xiaomi 12 series appeared in our country.

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