With the 'Astro2020' project, American astronomers want...

With the ‘Astro2020’ project, American astronomers want…

European astronomers, who developed telescopes from the European Southern Observatory in Chile, have gained an advantage over their American colleagues in recent years. With Astro2020, the Americans want to take the lead again, but cooperation is still necessary. The ELT test, which must be completed by 2025, is an example of European success.© Publiciteitsfoto ESO

Wilfried Simmons

Over the next 10 years, Dutch astronomers and space researchers could benefit from “Astro2020”, an ambitious US astronomy program for the next 10 years. Here’s what Leiden professor of astronomy, Tim de Zieu, says, Who was the only non-American to hold the position In the guidance group for Astro2020.

The United States wants to build three huge new optical telescopes, three new space telescopes and possibly a radio telescope in the next 10 years. With this you want the country Hold that European Southern Observatory in Chile in recent years. The United States does not have super-large telescopes like the Very Large Telescope and the Very Large Telescope in the Chilean Atacama Desert.

Astronomy is a global science. European astronomers, and thus also Leiden, could participate in American research, but the competition with the United States also remains important. ‘It preserves our intelligence,’ says de Zio.

Dutch Research School for Astronomy (Nova) is particularly powerful in infrared research. US competition will give astronomers a push to “keep the lead”.

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