“Wickman wants to be the US national coach,…

“Wickman wants to be the US national coach,…

Sarah Weigman
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After another silver World Cup medal for Sarina Weigman, the question of whether she is fit for men’s football is re-emerging. ESPN reporter Vincent Schiltkamp, ​​former hockey player Elsemike Havenka and former athlete Susan Grummins agree: as far as they are concerned, Wiekman is the perfect fit to be the national coach of the Dutch men’s team.

“I think she can succeed after Koeman,” said Havenka, who is a member of the KNVB’s supervisory board. In line and surroundings. Schildkamp agrees: “If you tell a good story in terms of content, it doesn’t matter whether it comes from a man or a woman.”

Wykeman, 53, remains the Lions’ national coach until 2025. She is already thinking about her future. For Havenka, it is crazy to think that she has to start at such a low level with men. “She couldn’t do less than that,” he says.

“It would be ridiculous in terms of employment. He earns more than half a million from the English Football Association,” says Schildkamp. “So you don’t go to Dordrecht for example, if you work at the top with women, you have to enter at the bottom with men, which is stupid in terms of thinking.”

According to the journalist, working on the men’s team was not Weigman’s big dream. “She wants to be the national coach of the United States. That’s her dream soccer country,” says Schiltkamp. Wiegman has played for the University of North Carolina in the past. “That year shaped her.”

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The United States national team is now looking for a new national coach after Vladko Antonovski resigned after a disappointing World Cup.

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