Trump could be elected president while in prison

Trump could be elected president while in prison

Will Donald Trump really end up behind bars for manipulating the election results? On Thursday, the former US president was booked into the Fulton County Jail in Georgia. What awaits him? In Op1 we discuss with US expert Laila Frank.

US expert Laila Frank says the case is bigger than any other case against Trump. “Let’s say he becomes president in 2024, then he doesn’t have the right to recuse himself, as with other cases at stake. So this case continues even if he’s president. Because it’s not a federal case, it’s a Georgia case.

In theory, Trump could be convicted, go to jail, and in the meantime be elected President of the United States. “This is uncharted territory under the law, but the Constitution of the United States doesn’t say you can’t be in prison as president. So you can. But it’s America. So there will be new cases on everything that happens.

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Watch the full conversation with Laila Frank here.

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