Why is the vaccine so fast in the United States?

Why is the vaccine so fast in the United States?

While our vaccination campaign has suffered setbacks, vaccination is progressing very fast in the United States. “This area of ​​the corona epidemic is coping well with the United States,” says reporter Lucas Walkmeister. NOS with a view to tomorrow. “A record is broken at least once a week.”

The fact that the vaccine is so fast is partly due to the large share of the vaccine. “Here’s enough. There is no longer a need to allow some groups to lead, ” Walkmester said.” Everyone has enough. “


The reporter said that the United States has entered into agreements with vaccine products at an early stage. Those contracts were initially approved and paid well. For example, research has always been co-funded. ” ‘

Law also plays a role. The United States already enacted emergency laws last year to keep vaccine manufacturers at the forefront of raw material supply. So it has been handled very tightly here from the beginning. Now they are packed in the closet. ” ‘

‘National Emergency’

“They saw this as a kind of national emergency, and both the private and public parties are working hard to get those levels into US arms as soon as possible,” the reporter said.

Vaccination centers are set up in many places, for example in parking lots and playgrounds. ” There you can stand in line without meeting. It feels like a kind of national activity everywhere you go. Of course it goes faster and faster. ” ‘

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