Vaccine?  They can do it in the United States, Hugo

Vaccine? They can do it in the United States, Hugo

Last night, at the age of 33, I received my vaccine call. Even the choice of Moderna or Pfizer. No, I was not disappointed from a dream this morning. This is especially true in the United States. You are enrolled in the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) to schedule your appointment for the COVID-19 Vaccine. Laudown County – First and Second Dose Clinic: April 14- May 11 (Pfizer / Moderna) ”.

My boyfriend, an American, added me to the list. All it takes is basic information and a US address. No complicated recording with DGT, no complicated situations. No, short and ‘to the point’ to achieve the goal: vaccinate all adults as soon as possible. You do not even have to pay for this in the United States.

You can choose the vaccine and set the date yourself

It seems so simple. Anyone can register on the waiting list to be vaccinated in their municipality. Each week you will be notified that you will be on the waiting list with an updated schedule of who and when you will arrive. Is this your turn? You can create an account, answer some questions, and then you can choose from different clinics. Each clinic tells you which vaccine is being used, so you have the option to choose a specific clinic. You can also see when the first date is available. Do you want a specific vaccine, but a slightly longer waiting time? It is your own choice. Also, you immediately see how long you have to wait for something like this. A good, personal consideration.

It also provides a lot of important information to the government. How many people can see a zip code, how many people have registered, and how readiness for vaccination goes. Is it low? You can better inform those who have additional campaigns and personal phone calls.

You can not create such a policy in business

It doesn’t seem all that complicated. This is how business works, where the best results are achieved in the best possible way. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands we have to deal with a political environment where efficiency and decisiveness do not play a role. More than a year on, they still don’t have things in order and don’t seem to have it in the future. In the business world, people who do not do this are judged. In politics they hold the highest positions (they are allowed to sit). Unfortunately, I am currently in the Netherlands and I have not yet received that vaccine.

Thanks Hugo.

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