“When I listen to my songs from the past now, I hear that I feel like a victim there.”

“When I listen to my songs from the past now, I hear that I feel like a victim there.”

Songs have always been a part of her life. Froukji says she has never been shy about content. Not even as a 4 year old. “My parents come from education. There was always music. My dad recently showed me a video of us making music at home. He played those backing tapes and my sister and I started singing to them. My dad was like, 'What are you going to sing about?' And then I said, 'Oh,' I'll write that when the song starts. I thought that was funny. I've always had that: this feeling that it comes naturally, that there's a source that the songs simply come from. But lately it's been less so. It's as if there's less confidence Than when I was younger.

According to her, every artist faces this as their career progresses. “The openness, that free feeling disappears. When I write and compose now, I get a lot out of that. For example, I link a new song to a new album, or I think about how it will sound live, or what the audience will do with it. How will this go down? Is he coming? It's actually beautiful killing For your creativity.

This is her challenge in the coming years. “These songs are ready now, some of them took a few years to complete. The shelf is empty. Now I'm thinking: Maybe I should look for a different sound. Maybe I can completely renew myself, find this place of relaxation again. And at the same time I'm thinking: I can't break away from 'Myself too. I have that company too, it's my job. It's complicated.'

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However, songs remain her great love, as she also sings vocals several times on her first album. “I realized that I feel like myself when I write, even when I feel bad and it doesn't come naturally. I thought: What am I without songs? It's hard to explain, but when I write a song, or when I listen to an old song, it's as if I'm in… A special place with an old friend. Only you and I understand why this place is special, I think. My song and I have a bond together.

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