We’re almost there!  “So much I want such a vacation”

We’re almost there! “So much I want such a vacation”

“only faith”

Joke and Hans: The two seem to be the textbook example of a couple who grow happily together. While Hans does the heavy lifting, his wife takes care of the clean caravan and when her husband gets hungry, she prepares a healthy meal with whatever is left for her in the caravan. Jokes enjoy the little things and isn’t afraid to say it. When I told Martine that her health was not perfect due to heart failure, she was furious. However, faith in God keeps the sturdy camper mentally straight. “One a little bigger, the other a little smaller.” She says rudely about it.

The difference is in support

Although Hans is not religious, Jock gives him complete freedom to do so. She doesn’t want to force him into anything and he doesn’t want him to force her either. Nice, I thought. “It’s sad for both of us that we can’t share the support we get with each other.” She explains the joke. “Whenever they are stranded, I have to call her sister for religious support.”And her husband adds. Much of my longing for an extended camping holiday in the sunshine in retirement. Your health isn’t guaranteed, and luxury camping holidays can’t compete with that. Let’s first enjoy what is still possible now.

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