Trump Should Pay Carroll Writer Again Compensation |  outside

Trump Should Pay Carroll Writer Again Compensation | outside

Former US President Donald Trump has to pay writer E.J. Carroll again. On Wednesday, a judge ruled Trump liable in Carroll’s defamation lawsuit. The amount of compensation will be determined in January.

Trump had previously ordered Carroll to be paid $5 million (converted to €4.7 million). The former president allegedly sexually assaulted her in a department store fitting room in the mid-1990s. He also pleaded guilty to defamation for saying Carroll made it all up.

It has already been proven in this case that Carroll did not lie. Therefore, according to the judge in January, it is not necessary to prove what happened in the fitting room again.

There are two defamation cases against the former president. The first case was filed earlier, but because he was still president at the time, it had to be determined whether his statements fell under presidential immunity. As a result, two defamation lawsuits arose side by side.

Carroll is demanding another $10 million from Trump, who continues to deny that he abused her. The previous ruling has been appealed. The trial begins on January 15.

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