Veterinarians from Berchem land in Sabah – Ad Oz |  Weekly Journal Region Oss

Veterinarians from Berchem land in Sabah – Ad Oz | Weekly Journal Region Oss

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Perchem/South America | On October 25, 2022, Emil Brewers and Leslie Neckers, a cattle couple from Bergheim, flew to Uruguay and then spent a year traveling through South America in their Buka. How are they now after 9 months?

“Kuchi Jameson picks us up from the airport. We just landed on the world’s shortest runway, 400 meters. At the start and finish there is a steep cliff into the sea, next to a high rock wall. The way in Sabah is special. Not a meter long horizontally, always going up or down with many bends. It’s nicknamed “The Road” (they speak English here) “Couldn’t Build It”. Fact: 1947 First car in Sabah. But they have already widened the road here and there so that a fire engine from the Netherlands can also drive back and forth.

Cucci takes us to Windwardside, an amusement town with a population of 449. We have already passed the gates of Hell, but the signs say Zionshill. Everyone still uses the old name. It had to be changed from the Catholic Church because “living in hell” was not really possible. He is a happy taxi driver. He laughed and said, “Do we know where our car is, at practice or at our (temporary) house?” “Well, someone has to have a key somewhere”, we reply. “Ha, no, there they are!” In fact, the house has a lock with a key. The car is in the big parking lot with the key on the front seat so that we can get a loan in the next four months.

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Within ten minutes, Evette Peterson greets us and takes us through town to show us the highlights. “Two supermarkets, but the boat with fresh (new) goods only arrives on Wednesday.” We returned fifteen minutes before Veronica Johnson (like a variation on Jameson Johnson, who couldn’t write since 1640 at the time of recording) greeted us and explained everything about the house. We feel like we are in the heart of Windwardside with a huge garden all around. Then Cassandra Hassell calls us in to show us the exercise. Let’s turn Eva de Vries into vets there. There are 1900 people on the island raising a few dogs and cats, plus a few goats and 1 dairy cow, which isn’t a full-time job, as far as we know. But that already seems convenient, anyway, we’ve already met 90% of the original population based on surnames!

The next day, we stop our car to see a stick dancing alone on a ramp. Upper body hollow. His taxi’s radio is on. “Ha, there are no customers now, and the plane lands in four hours!”

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