Veldhoven tennis player Fons van Sambeek returns from US for Amjoy Cup: ‘Absolutely demolished in North Carolina’ |  Sports zone

Veldhoven tennis player Fons van Sambeek returns from US for Amjoy Cup: ‘Absolutely demolished in North Carolina’ | Sports zone

If you return from the US to play an ITF Future in your familiar environment, you will be eliminated in the first round. That’s what happened to Fons van Sambeek (21) on Tuesday. The Veldhoven resident is already back on campus at North Carolina State University, where she studies and plays tennis.

400 tennis players from 40 countries participate in Amjoy Cup. Juniors, wheelchair tennis players and professionals play for the prize for three weeks. They do this at Jennifer Bargan’s tracks in Eindhoven and at TOS Bergage. Tennis Academy Amjoy from Welldoven is also organizing this sixth edition. Apotheosis professional finals (singles and doubles) are made up of men and women. Prize money for men is $15,000. Women can share the same amount. The finals will be held on Saturday.

Van Zumbeek (7-6, 6-3) was eliminated by Stian Claussen. “Sheet” said the loser. “But the result is understandable. Stian played well.

Van Sambeek has been struggling with a back and shoulder injury for a few weeks. ,, but you want to play in your own region. Yes, because my mother owns Amjoy. Annemiek van Sambeek and former professional tennis player Annemarie Mikkers lead the tennis academy. They want to grow. The future (the lowest level of professional tennis) should become challenging within a few years.

Working professionally in USA

Meanwhile, Fons van Sumbeek is preparing for a professional career in America. “We train four, sometimes five days a week,” he says. ,, two training sessions a day, five to six hours of tennis each day, physical training and further guidance. It is done in groups, but one-on-one with a trainer. We will be playing the tournament on Friday and Sunday. We usually fly to away games. That includes school. At the beginning of my time in America, I was in bed at eight o’clock at night completely exhausted.

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Psychology student. “I didn’t get it from a stranger. My father is a psychologist. The studies will help me in tennis. Who knows, I’ll be a coach one day. That’s when the studies will come in handy,” he said. Van Zumbeek will soon begin his third year at North Carolina. Won, lost 4. “I have two more years to develop myself in America. After that I will concentrate fully on professional tennis for a while,” he said.

In America he mainly plays on hard court. Van Zumbeek achieved his best result on this surface in June. The right-hander reached the semifinals of the $25,000 tournament in Netanya, Israel. “I don’t need a decision like that to motivate me,” he says. “My love for the game is enough. But it’s a motivation.”

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